There’s a growing trend of appliance repair companies turning to social media to grow their business.
Some of the reasons why are:

  1. It is hard to engage with your customers on the phone, so social media gives companies a way to connect directly with their customers. For example, on Instagram you can display a successful project or a positive testimonial. Visuals speak louder than words, especially if your proud to share your work to your local community!
  • Telling a story on the phone is not the same as on social media. Social media allows companies to share their story with photos and connect with other businesses. You can even display a positive video from one of your customers!
  1. You can track your phone calls, but social media allows companies to track their marketing efforts and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. You can directly see how many people engaged with a specific post, and even utilize different features. Instagram recently introduced Instagram Reels. Reels is like TikTok, giving your video a chance to be displayed to new audiences.

We mentioned the growing trend of appliance repair companies turning to social media, but companies forget about the original ways…

They allow you to stand out in a digital world!

Here are some ways:

  1. Business cards, some people say they’re outdated but I still see business cards displayed on family refrigerators! Somehow is the household is using the refrigerator everyday, and usually once something is on the refrigerator, it is likely there forever.
  2. Flyers, for some reason on the third time you hand out flyers to a neighborhood, magic happens and you start to receive some feedback/potential customers!

Key Tip: Do not leave flyers in mailboxes, a good place to leave flyer is under the doormat!

  1. Personalized notes in the mail, if you are trying to get commercial clients, a personal letter in the mail will make you stand out from the competition!

Everyone gets emails, but not everyone expects a personalized hand-written note!