Running an appliance repair business can make you roll in the dough, but starting a profitable appliance repair business takes a lot of hard work. So, if you’re interested in starting your appliance business, you have come to the right place! We’ll break down the average salary for an appliance repair business owner and how some earn more or less. We’ll provide tips on earning more by starting your appliance repair business!

Now how do you make money with Appliance Repair?

The main objective for you to start your own appliance repair business is to make money. An Appliance repair business owner earns an income when he or his employees provide a repair for a customer. Repair is usually done to various appliances, like refrigerators, washing machines, stoves, and many more. Typically, we see owners charge by the hour. You can also go down the route of providing annual maintenance services to your customers!

Great, so how can I make the most money?

A few factors impact how much money your appliance repair business brings in. First, how big of a company is the appliance repair business? Is it just a one-man show, or are 12 employees working around the clock? Those who have larger teams of technicians usually bring in more revenue.

It also depends on where the company is located…

If the cost of living in your area of business is higher than average, you may be able to charge more and vice-versa. Businesses in major cities with high incomes, like New York City, will generate more money than an appliance repair business in a rural area. Finally, the appliances you repair will affect how much money you make. You may generate more income if you are repairing more high-ticket appliances like a refrigerator.

Now for the fun part…

You want to make the most amount of money for your appliance repair business, so how? First, you can offer additional services beyond repairs. You can add service or maintenance contracts for your customers.

Pro Tip: These maintenance services allow you to get your foot in the door and spot other appliances that may need repair.

Another option is to charge higher rates or repair more appliances. You may only specialize in kitchen appliances, so it may be possible to branch out repairs within the laundry room. Finally, you can offer your services to other areas/zip codes! This can start the fly-wheel to generate more money and hire more technicians.

Appliance repair business owner salary by states

Appliance repair business owners make a median salary of $49,890 per year. Salaries typically start from $28,980 and go up to $81,470.

Alabama: $41,480 Alaska: $56,880 Arizona: $50,560 Arkansas: $43,820 California: $52,540 Colorado: $46,080 Connecticut: $51,490 Delaware: $50,950 District of Columbia: $57,830 Florida: $48,770 Georgia: $40 490 Indiana: $45 580 Iowa: $42 670 Kansas :$43 110 Kentucky: $40 310 Louisiana: $47 140 Maine: $49 470 Maryland: $52 610 Massachusetts: $57 690 Michigan: $46,070 Minnesota: $48,780 Mississippi: $43,970 Missouri: $45,170 Montana: $42,560 Nebraska: $44,280 Nevada: $49,930 New Hampshire: $50,980 New Jersey: $56,070 New Mexico: $47,280 New York: $54,020 North Carolina: $48,950 North Dakota: $48,270 Ohio: $46,680 Oklahoma: $45,960 Oregon: $51,250 Pennsylvania :$49 080 Rhode Island: $50 310 South Carolina: $41 580 South Dakota: $43,440 Tennessee: $44,850 Texas: $48 970 Utah: $47 630 Vermont: $49 060 Virginia: $50 440 Washington: $54 470 West Virginia :$38 380 Wisconsin :$46 870 Wyoming:$55 010

Starting your appliance repair business, a 5-step rundown…

From all of this, you may be thinking you want to start your own appliance repair business. Nothing is easy in life, but hopefully, this 5-step guide can help you start your appliance repair business.

Now first, how do your skills relate to appliance repair? Are you the person everyone relies on to fix their appliances? It is essential to assess your skills so you’re confident in your appliance repair business journey. This is how you will build up your appliance repair business and receive referrals. You also don’t want to receive callbacks, which will eat your profits. So, if you don’t have the necessary skills or are not 100% confident with your skill set, don’t worry. There are ways to gain the necessary experience, like taking classes at your local community college or local technical school, receiving a certificate from a professional organization like the Appliance Service Technicians Association, or learning about the job through an apprenticeship.

Second, get to know your local market & community. Search on Google “appliance repair businesses near me” to see how many appliance repair businesses are already established in your geographical area. Don’t take a lot of competition in your local area as bad; this shows the demand for appliance repair services.

Third, set up a professional website or social media account where customers can learn about your business, and you can display your work. Websites are essential in our digital world, and you can hire a professional web development firm to help you develop a professional website. If you outsource your website development, make sure they include what types of appliances you repair, how much you charge, and what warranties you offer on your repairs.

Pro Tip: Make sure to show off positive reviews on your website!

Fourth, knock out your business plan for your appliance repair company. This could help you, in the long term, to ensure you are hitting your business goals. You can also send this to outside investors/partners to see if they would like a piece of the pie. The business plan is the core of the business; this is where you will crunch the numbers and see if the appliance repair business is financially viable.

Finally, work hard to build up your reputation within your community. It takes a long time to build trust, but it is worth it for the long-term goals of your appliance repair business. The next-door app is a great way to interact with your community and display your work. We highly suggest creating a business account for your appliance repair business!

You are ready to start your appliance repair business, but do you need a license?

Yes, you do. You will need a license to repair appliances in most states. These requirements vary from state to state, but you will probably need to go through an apprenticeship program to obtain a license. You can do your apprenticeship program, usually at your local trade school or community college. Apprenticeships can take anywhere between two and four years. The significant part of the apprenticeships is that it is usually affordable compared to other college programs. You must take exams to test your trade knowledge to obtain an appliance repair license. After becoming licensed, it is not a checkered flag but a green flag. This is where you can start your career, including starting your own appliance repair business.

What tools do I need?

Although specialized tools help you get the job done quicker, it is not a necessity when starting your appliance repair business. You will need just the basics: screwdrivers, pliers, and wrenches. As we mentioned, other tools can be helpful in different situations and offer a faster repair method.

What are the standard appliances you will be called out to repair?

There are many appliance repairs that technicians can be called upon to do, and no job is alike. The most common can stem from replacing damaged gaskets and seals to repairing the ice maker in the refrigerator. In addition, don’t forget to carry some lubricate with you to your repairs. It helps with lubricating new & old parts to help finish the repair.

Appliance repair business owners can make a high income if they are successful and think long-term. If you put in the hard work and dedication from the start, there is no reason you can’t bring success to your appliance repair business!