There is always a way to find out if your fridge is still under warranty.

The hard truth is that no matter how great you take care of your fridge, it is destined to break and in need of repair. If your warranty is still valid, you may have the option of having an appliance repair professional repair or replace your fridge at no cost.

Keep in mind if you decide to do it yourself, you may void the warranty coverage. This means if you were able to fix the problem, but the fridge breaks again, you won’t be able to use the warranty.

Finally, don’t wait till you need to utilize the warranty to read the guidelines. Here is how to check if your fridge is under warranty.

Right After Purchase

If your appliance breaks down within 30 of the fridge’s purchase, you will undoubtedly be under warranty. Your local store may even accept an exchange or return but call in advance to familiarize yourself with the store’s return policy.

Check Receipt or User’s Manual

I know it can be hard to keep track of receipts, but a receipt can be a record of if you purchased an extended warranty. If you don’t have a receipt, check your user’s manual. It is essential to keep receipts and documentation for high-ticket items like a refrigerator/

Check the Manufacturers Website

If you can’t find your receipt or user manual, the manufacturer’s website is a great place to search next. You can verify the length of the warranty and discover if you purchased extended coverage.

Contact the Retailer

If you would rather have direct contact regarding your transaction, contacting the retailer will allow you to see if you directly purchase an extended warranty from the retailer.

Look into your Credit Card Statement

Did you purchase your fridge with a credit card? If so, many credit card companies offer free extended warranty coverage up to one year past the manufacturer’s warranty period. This is regarding their consumer protection package, so contact your credit card company to see if this applies to you.