repair appliances online app service

Method: Field Services
It can be frustrating going on different platforms to manage your books.

Method: Field Services bundles the services together, allowing you to access QuickBooks Online on your Desktop. Allowing you to keep everything in one place instead of flipping through different platforms. The service starts at $15 a month per technician.

Rossware is your eye in the sky and lets you see what your technicians are doing in the field.

The software allows a scheduling portal, allowing customers to see the technicians real-time availability. Also, can help with logistics and plan routes for your technicians.
Rossware costs about $150 a month for one technician, but the second year is free.

It can be hard to stay organized being out in the field, so Fixably helps you organize appliance repair jobs.

It keeps you up-to-date with repairs internally and allows for your technicians to update you on the repair process. Finally, it helps track revenue & overhead. Fixably’s paid plan starts at $299 monthly for each business location.

If you have a messy truck filled with paperwork, ServiceM8 might be the software for you.

It allows your business to essentially go paperless by providing a digital all-in-one recording platform. A great feature is the automatic client reminders, allowing you to create rapport with your customers and being able send an invoice in one-click. ServiceM8 paid plan starts at $9 a month for the entire business!

Field Complete
Creating estimates can be a pain, but field complete makes it easier to send out estimates.

You can retrieve customer information in a click of a button & keep track of the team’s schedule. Field complete is currently free for teams under 10, but for teams over 11 it is $29 a month!