1. Slot and Phillips Screwdrivers

Don’t be the guy with just the flat/slot head screwdriver, you have to carry both the slot & phillips. They are a dangerous duo, but in all seriousness this is how you will remove most mounting screws externally & internally. I recommend getting a variety of sizes more towards the smaller side.

  1. Putty Knife

Putty knife is the second most used tool in the industry. The putty knife and the screwdriver are great for slipping under a seam or popping clips loose.  It is usually essential to disassemble many appliances, for example a washer. 

  1. ¼” Nut Driver (Set)

When the manufacturer doesn’t want the customer to get access to the appliance and for you to make more money, appliances are often secured with a nut-driver head instead of a screwdriver head. The majority of the time, the appliance will call for a ¼’ inch nut driver. So, if you can’t get a set, definitely try to get your hands on a ¼’ nut driver. 

  1. Multimeter

You may ask why this is on the must-have list, because no one wants to get electricuted. A multimeter is there to protect you, and see if there is an electrical current. It also comes in handy to test different components, and see if a component has the right amount of electricity. 

  1. Work Gloves

No one wants to scratch a brand new appliance, so gloves protect you from scratching the smooth- edged surfaces of these appliances. Finally, work gloves can protect you from cuts from sharp edges and keep your hands clean on the jobsite.